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Some of our Customers

1. Segosa Designs

Mr. Govindaraj
Sathyamangalam, TN

2. Ivar Laser

Sathyamangalam, TN

3. MDS Designs

Chamarajnagar, KA

4. Sri Varahi Patterns

Annur, TN

5. Sri Sai Wood Carving

Coimbatore, TN

6. Friends Wood Carving

Mr.Shaiksami Ulla
Begapalli, KA

7. Pranav Wood Carving

Mr. Pranav
Tuticorin, TN

8. Frehnig Instruments and Controls

Mr. Kumaravel
Coimbatore, TN

9. Maxwin Creation

Mr. Mahendiran
Tiruppur, TN

10. Annam Plastic Arts

Mr. Prabhu
Coimbatore, TN

11. Nilesh Wood Carving

Mr. Jeyavardhan
Sirumugai, TN

12. Manu Industries

Mr. Mahesh
palakad, KL

13. Wood Pecker

Mr. Arun
Coimbatore, TN

14. Glory Digitals

Mr. Martin
Honnavar, KA

15. Wood Pecker

Mr. Arun
Coimbatore, TN

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Customer Testimonials on CNC Router & CNC Laser Machines

SR1325 CNC Router Review

Our SR 1325 CNC Router has significantly changed how we do business. For many products, our turnaround time is quicker, our quality is better, more consistent, and our profit margins are up. We have entered new business lines, too! Not surprisingly we have started to discuss purchasing a second Sharekha CNC router.

Mr.Kumar, MDS Designs, C.H. Nagar, Karnataka

SRL6090 CNC Laser Review

Quality, precision, and a brand new view on work, those are the reasons why we purchased a CNC Laser, We now have the ability to complete more complex projects while getting better accuracy in the shortest amount of time. Sharekha ‘s CNC Laser excels in both build and machine quality including their design of servomotors and enclosed bearings which were most appealing. It took us a mere 1 year to receive our full return on investment and for the past 1-½ years we have remained a satisfied customer!

Mr.Senthilkumar, Ivar Laser, Sathyamangalam,Tamilnadu.

SR1325 CNC Router Review

We chose Sharekha for our CNC Router needs because of the value for the money and the ease of working with the machine. We know that the machine will decrease our production time and expand our capabilities. This will allow us to take on additional jobs that we would not have been able to do before. Sign carving is done in a fraction of the time that is spent hand carving.
Thank you, Sharekha CNC, and have a wonderful day!

Mr. Sasikumar, Sri Sai Wood Carving, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

SR1325 CNC Router Review

“A well built, well engineered machine.” I have been a Sharekha customer for one year, and it only took me one day to get my CNC Router up and running. My work has become more productive since then. The time and expense for me to manufacture products has decreased while increasing my profits. Sharekha’s CNC Routers are not built like toys but rather real machines!.

Mr. Arun, Woodpecker, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

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